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Huffy 26" Cranbrook Men's Beach Cruiser Comfort Bike

Huffy 26 Inch Cranbrook Mens Beach Cruiser Comfort Bike


Enjoy stylish and carefree riding with the Huffy 26" Cranbrook Men's Beach Cruiser Comfort Bike. Huffy believes a comfortable bike ride begins with a comfortably padded seat. It also has a clean look, without the clutter of cables and gears. This bike features an exclusive Perfect Fit frame that delivers style combined with comfort to equal one fantastic bike. As soon as you sit down, you'll feel like it was designed specifically for you. The raised handlebar enables you to ride in an upright position, which feels more natural for your back, arms and hands. Your legs can fully extend forward while you pedal, which helps eliminate wrist, arm, neck and leg fatigue. The richly-padded seat on this silver cruiser bike is placed farther back with a lower center of gravity for better balance. When you're seated at a stop, both feet can rest on the ground. This flat-footed stance provides better balance and control. The coaster brake is easy-to-use; simply pedal back to stop. Dual-density grips and pedals add to the comfort and style of the bike. The 26" black tires blend well with the dark gray fenders, which are designed to redirect splashes from the pavement away from the rider's legs. The padded spring saddle is comfortable to ride and coordinates with the overall design to complete the bike's look. Whether you're an everyday rider or a rider who hasn't ridden in years, you can feel extra-confident on the Huffy 26" Cranbrook Men's Beach Cruiser Comfort Bike. More comfort means more fun and a better bike ride. With all these features combined with one-of-a-kind style, this bike can make for some unforgettable rides. The handlebars and pedals feel good to the touch and stay comfy on longer rides as well. Get ready for a smooth and enjoyable ride with this silver cruiser bike. It has all the features you need, is attractive and sturdy, and is ready to get your riding started in style.

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