New Echelon EX3 Performance Exercise Bike

New Echelon EX3 Performance Exercise Bike

New Echelon EX3 Performance Exercise Bike




New Echelon EX3 Performance Exercise Bike

Product Details
The EX-3 boasts every cycling must-have, along with a few finishing touches for added polish. It strikes a unique balance between aesthetic appeal and space efficiency with its sleek, modern design and small footprint all without compromising its structural integrity. Adjustable features let you adapt the EX-3 to your body while technology and its strong frame offer the workouts and durability necessary to pedal hard toward your goals.

32 levels of silent magnetic resistance lets you vary your workout intensity Handlebar mounted 180 degree rotating console let’s you incorporate off bike exercises . 6 lever makes it easy to adjust the seat position fit any body. Fully adjustable toe cages on the pedals for a secure fit. Powder-coat frame for resistance to scratches. Padded handlebars are slip-resistant.

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