Stephen vs. Sabrina 3-Point Challenge

2024 NBA All-Star Weekend – Stephen Curry totaled 29 points as Sabrina Ionescu totaled 26 points in the challenge.

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2024 NBA All-Star Weekend

The NBA 3-point shot has an intriguing history that has significantly impacted the game of basketball. Let’s delve into its evolution:

  1. Invention and Early Days:
    • The concept of the 3-point shot was first introduced in the American Basketball League (ABL) in 1961. Abe Saperstein, the founder of the Harlem Globetrotters, championed this idea to level the playing field for smaller players who lacked height but possessed sharp shooting skills.
    • However, the ABL only lasted a season and a half, and many traditionalists considered the 3-point shot gimmicky.
    • The Anaheim Amigos’ Les Selvage became notorious during the first ABA season (1967/68) by attempting a whopping 461 threes—more than any other ABA player or even any ABA team except Pittsburgh!
  2. ABA Influence:
    • The American Basketball Association (ABA) embraced the 3-point shot as part of its mission to make basketball more exciting and entertaining.
    • In the ABA’s inaugural season, teams attempted an average of 5 three-pointers per game, which was nearly double the amount compared to the NBA’s early days (only 2.8 three-point attempts per game).
    • Les Selvage’s record-breaking shooting night from beyond the arc stood for decades.
  3. NBA Adopts the 3-Point Line:
    • The merger of the ABA and NBA in 1976 temporarily halted the 3-point revolution.
    • However, in the 1979-80 NBA season, the league officially introduced the 3-point line. The distance from the middle of the rim is 23’9″ (and 22’ in the corner).
    • This addition completely transformed the game. Players now had the option to launch shots from beyond the arc, altering offensive strategies and spacing on the court.
  4. Modern Impact:
    • Fast forward to today, and the 3-point shot has become a primary offensive weapon in modern basketball.
    • Offenses are more spread out, creating space in the paint for players to attack the basket.
    • The 3-pointer has revolutionized the game, making it more dynamic and thrilling for fans.

In summary, the 3-point shot’s journey—from its humble beginnings in the ABL to its integration into the NBA—has forever changed the way basketball is played.

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